Ambassador Program 


How It Works 

As an ambassador, you will receive a personalized 15% off coupon code to share and promote. The more people that use your coupon code, the more free products you will receive.  



  • Public Instagram accounts are preferred, but not required. If you are a private account and would like to apply, we will request to follow you so we can see your account. We would like you to have at least 800 followers as well as a high engagement rate.  


  • You need to be able to take high quality and aesthetic photos of our products. You can look on our Instagram for some more examples of pictures. Post your pictures on Instagram and on any other social media accounts you have (Pinterest, VSCO, etc.). When taking pictures, think about whether you would repost, re-pin, or like the picture. Here are some examples:

  • Send us pictures of your Emi & T accessories on the 10th and/or 25th of every month so we can repost on our social media accounts. We may slightly edit the picture to match our feed. 


  • You need to have good commutations skills. You should be able to respond to DMs quickly. If you can’t take any pictures for a couple of weeks or don’t want to be an ambassador anymore, please let us know! 


  • You will not receive free products to promote at the beginning. To have products to promote your code with, you will need to buy them, but you can use your own code on your purchases and it will count towards earning free products! 


  • Make sure you are following us on Instagram and are subscribed to our website. You need to be active on our Instagram. This means liking our posts, commenting, engaging on our stories, etc. 

How You Earn Free Products 

The more people that purchase using your code, the more discounts and free products you will receive. You might even get exclusive products or early access! The more you promote your code and accessories, the more people will use your code, resulting in more discounts and free products for you!  

For example, if 5 people buy using your code, you will receive a free product! We will have certain products for you to choose from and they will be changing all the time! We will keep track of everyone who uses your code and you can ask us ant anytime to give you your total.  


We are so excited to have ambassadors for our brand! We can’t wait to see and share all your cute pictures! If you have any questions, please DM us on Instagram or email us!